Studio Tate Co-work, Richmond

Wrapped by windows on three sides, the unassuming external form of an old mechanic’s factory on the cusp of Melbourne’s Richmond belies a light-filled oasis.

A glossy pink retro stair balustrade weaves its way up to a navy landing and the textural materiality of terrazzo, opening into a work floor broken into two spaces and workstations that are perpendicular to the natural light, offering inspiring city views. A communal kitchen at the western end with a high table also adds a duality as a third meeting space in addition to two private collaboration spaces integrated into the resource library.

Deliberately light and colourful in its intent and feel, favourite finishes, colours and textures have been used to give context to clients, giving them an immersive first-hand experience of specified materials.

Greenery punctuates the co-work space, with a theme of cactus running throughout, that together with the oversized terrazzo and light timber finish give a subtle nod to Palm Springs.

Photography by Thomas Brooke Photo