Toorak Residence I
Private Residential

Toorak Residence is innately a story of balance – between the grand and the intimate, combining a detailed mix of materiality and the everyday functionality of a family home with a client’s desire to create a showpiece. Luxurious in both scale and design details, this beautifully-resolved residential project is a direct response to a client’s desires.


As with every Studio Tate project, the functionality of the floorplan is key. In this instance, the configuration of spaces is carefully arranged to optimise both an enhanced guest experience and a family living experience.

A restrained palette of polished plaster, grey tundra stone and custom-stained, wire-brushed oak veneer through the formal spaces of the home are the backdrop to unexpected moments of colour. The palette becomes softer and more relaxed within the children’s spaces, featuring white-washed oak, colourful pinboards and plush warm grey carpet.

The scale of the home together with the client’s wish to display traditional artwork, furniture and objects reflective of their heritage influenced material choices and design details.

Photography: Sharyn Cairns