Workshop Brothers
Food and Beverage

Imaginative and uniquely vibrant, the marigold interior at Workshop Brothers located in Riverside Quay, creates a food and beverage space that is relaxed, optimistic and memorable.


Lively, playful and dynamic, the design is inspired by the great brasseries of New York City. Strategically placed decorative lighting, casts shadow play on curved timber mouldings and the arched threshold detail, designed to accentuate the dramatic 8-meter-high ceilings.

The combination of a checkerboard floor, tan leather seats, a timber dowel bar front and textured granite benchtops, creates a luxurious depth of tactility which offsets the vibrant palette. With a nuanced realisation of Workshop Brothers’ brand philosophy, Studio Tate has delivered a visual identity which balances playfulness with sophistication.

Workshop Brothers Southbank
2 Riverside Quay, Melbourne

Photography: Felix Forest