Pincho Disco
Food and Beverage

At its core, this vibrant restaurant encourages guests to ‘party while you eat.’ The eclectic design effortlessly weaves South American influences, creating a dynamic, high-energy atmosphere. Textured walls, coloured tiles, dark timber and embellished fabric patterns infuse the space with life, setting the stage for a memborable experience.


This thoughtfully designed venue offers an array of diverse, personality-rich areas, ensuring each visit is a fresh and exciting experience. The existing concrete raw walls have been artfully transformed with a textured paint by Scanlan & Makers. Along with key design elements and softly coloured integrated lighting, the overall experience is a combination of intimacy and urban connection.

Both bars have been designed as key features within the restaurant. On the upper level, the bar strategically features mirror and polished stainless steel to create dimension and movement. On the ground floor, deep green, glossy tiles have been used to accentuate the bar and bring presence and interest to the kitchen. A diverse collection of furniture, vibrantly patterned upholsteries and striking colour schemes, tell the Pincho Disco story. This project is a wonderful addition to Studio Tate’s hospitality portfolio and its success is the result of a close-knit collaboration with the client and collaborators, all working together to breathe life into the unique Pincho Disco concept.

Photography: Elise Scott