Ena Pelly

Embodying the brand’s creative ethos, Studio Tate created an intimate sanctuary for Ena Pelly’s High Street Armadale flagship, where sleek finishes and a neutral palette converge seamlessly. The interior is a testament to the label’s dedication to premium textiles and thoughtful design. The palette features smooth, muted stone finishes inspired by Ena Pelly’s surf coast roots.


A striking tessellated floor defines the store’s footprint, with creamy vein-cut travertine tiles and bold, black and white terrazzo insets. Soft touches, like bouclé upholstery and cut pile carpet, enhance the space’s refined comfort. Elegant restraint characterises the space, with custom brushed stainless steel hanging rails and oversized display shelves, providing a sleek backdrop for showcasing new-season pieces. Aniline leather, floor-to-ceiling curtains, in generously proportioned changerooms, add depth and softness.

Studio Tate encapsulated the brand’s core values – crafted, modern, and elevated – and translated them into a retail experience through meticulous attention to materiality, form, and detail. This flagship exemplifies a space where every element narrates a story of modern luxury and exceptional quality.

Photography: Sharyn Cairns