Relinque Urban Retreat

Celebrating the natural verdant landscape of its locale, Studio Tate created a collection of immersive spaces with continuous movement throughout, to support an intuitive client journey. Together with an inherently earthy and natural materials palette, Relinque Urban Retreat and Spa provides an all gender day spa and spinal clinic experience.


A rigorously detailed floor plan underpins a day spa on one side of the retreat, with ice and steam contrast therapy, hydrotherapy, body and face treatment rooms and a yoga studio-offering holistic wellness. On the other side, is a spinal clinic including osteopathy treatment rooms and a Pilates studio. Ensuring staff have easy back of house access to all areas of the retreat, was key in ensuring efficiency and a seamless client experience.

A palette of greens, greys, rusts and burgundy tones feature throughout, reflecting a sense of textural earthiness, whilst also being contemporary and sophisticated. A concrete floor with coloured aggregate is offset by forest green marble, sage green joinery and leather banquette seating, set against a backdrop of textured paint. Each treatment room is meticulously designed to ensure therapists have all equipment on hand, minimising movement throughout each treatment and between client appointments.

Photography: Lillie Thompson