Brighton Residence II


Driven by the client’s desire for a characterful home in one of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs, Studio Tate and Tecture collaborated to conceive a family home of both function and flare.

The home’s interior intelligently echoes the exterior, finding inspiration in simple but effective forms that balance pragmatism with personality and ensure connection, inside and out.

Strategically placed windows offer connection to the exterior landscape and fill the home with vast swathes of light, while skylights enhance a connection to the elements, further blurring the line between the interior and exterior, allowing the residents to bask in the luxury of space.

The home’s rhythm of straight lines and restraint are reinforced by custom joinery and timber flooring. Outside the pool house speaks to endless summers in the sun, with open shelving, mirrored splashback, durable worksurfaces, refrigeration and an industrial sink.

Photography by Derek Swalwell