Celebrating the company’s rich history, Studio Tate created a people-centric headquarters for Melbourne-based property group, Riverlee. The design fosters warm hospitality and authentic connection, with thoughtful design moves that echo the company’s design-led ethos.

Located in a former plant room, Studio Tate was challenged to deal with existing low ceilings and services and sought to maximise heights where possible. The east wing includes a boardroom, meeting rooms, collaboration space, quiet rooms, and chairman’s office, finished in deep, moody finishes realised in natural stone and timber veneer. The west wing boasts a light-filled open-plan workspace and Managing Director’s office, each with striking bay views. Unusually, the reception and breakout space are combined to create a space for collaboration, entertaining and relaxation for staff and visitors alike.

Inclusive in its arrangement and tone and with a focus on quality craftsmanship, the design supports the company’s aspiration for a refined HQ that externalises company values. Riverlee Workplace exemplifies the benefits of cross-pollinating ideas across Studio Tate’s key typologies of LIVE, WORK and PLAY, and the capacity of interior design to transform an existing environment.