Emily Addison
Senior Associate, Design

Emily leads the Play portfolio at Studio Tate having delivered a range of high-profile hotel and bespoke commercial projects throughout her career.

An agile thinker, Emily’s strategic, client-focused approach to each project ensures she always sees things from a client perspective. Commercially minded, she is intrinsic to business development and the strategic management of the Studio.

She has an innate ability to respond to briefs meticulously, resulting in emotive spaces that capture the heart and mind. Emily knows that a small decision can make a big impact in design; from a display that opens to reveal a hidden colour to the way the cool surface of stone feels to touch, the effects of these moments cannot be overestimated.

Considering both the micro and macro level of design enables Emily to create functional, human spaces that reflect the distinctive personalities of each brief, articulated through an original palette of textures, colours, materials and furniture.