Anita Zampichelli

Anita has over 15 years’ experience across the international design industry and leads a commercial portfolio at Studio Tate. She appreciates the opportunity to take clients on a creative journey while meeting their brief, exploring the link between the architecture and interiors and the smaller spaces within that hero materiality and detail.

Anita’s extensive experience spans all sectors and embraces both large and small-scale works in Europe, the UAE and locally. Her diverse talents enable her to add a considered and disciplined approach to the Studio with the ability to support the team, and manage and deliver each project seamlessly, regardless of scale.

Anita sees design as an opportunity to educate clients about sustainable design and the importance of specifying Australian designed and made products, supporting local talent. She cultivates and values strong relationships with her clients, working alongside them to define a hallmark for each project, while always enjoying a little fun along the way.