Carley Nicholls
Strategy & Practice Director

Carley Nicholls keeps the foundations of our studio rock solid. As Studio Tate’s Strategy and Practice Director, she keeps our systems and processes ship-shape, but she’s also a firm believer in taking time out to relax and have fun. A problem solver by nature, her bullet-proof forward planning and robust decision-making add an extra dimension to our management team. With a background in management consulting and international development, and specialising in project planning and resource management, Carley brings her diverse experience and methodical approach to Studio Tate.

She might not be a designer but Carley has an eye for style, she enjoys beautiful things and favours interesting, quirky pieces that make their way into her home, her jewellery box or wardrobe. Nurturing the abilities of younger staff is also something close to her heart, and something she has a lot of practice in. Good business means good design, and Carley’s expertise helps Studio Tate excel at both.