PDG’s new head office gave Studio Tate the chance to think differently about workplace design. Located in a distinctive hexagonal building on the corner of Melbourne’s Swanston and Victoria streets, the property development business wanted an office that looked more like a home or hotel than a typical workplace fit out.

The proportions of the grand reception area immerse you in the entry’s contemplative luxury, from stone floors to the curved geometries that contrast with the hexagonal floorplate’s sharp edges. Surfaces are a sophisticated mix of textured materials in black, white and tan, accented with either black or walnut tones. Features add points of intrigue, such as the brass datum running across the textured stone wall cladding, or the stone slab borders between each section of the floorplan, which mirror the wall’s curve.

In the workspace, a brighter palette keeps the strong, contrasting tones. All desks are set off the perimeter and positioned perpendicular to the windows, enabling better circulation and democratic access to views.

Photography by Peter Clarke Photography