Middletown Café is the embodiment of refined style and thoughtful consideration to detail.

Conceptualised in partnership with graphic design studio Pop + Pac, a unifying approach  marries interior architecture and environmental graphics, delivering a cohesive brand-led outcome and a truly original approach to hospitality design.

Solid and robust in materiality, the interior comprises a thoughtful layering of textures that nod to both the new and the old such as contemporary terrazzo flooring laid in a traditional checkerboard pattern. Other materials include stone, metal and timber, all grounded within walls of deep blue.

While immediately striking, the space is softened by feminine details such as brass accents, pastel furnishings and pale timbers. Intricate herringbone cladding and the use of perforated timber mouldings create visual interest, while clean lines and warm lighting add to the welcoming, comfortable ambience.

Photography by Peter Clarke Photography