Set in the heart of Richmond, MECCA Support Centre draws on colour, tactility, and beauty iconography to craft a vibrant, light-filled home for Australia’s largest premium beauty retailer, coinciding with its 25-year anniversary.

Studio Tate worked with MECCA to create a workplace that would feel energising, inviting, and warm — reinforcing the company’s brand narrative, while fostering a thriving community feel for team members and visitors. Forming part of a larger campus of buildings, all dedicated to MECCA, the mid-century warehouse offers an industrial backdrop to the centre’s richly layered interior. The raw building envelope is embraced, while built forms sit as pods nestled below the exposed truss roof.

Jo Horgan, MECCA founder and co-CEO love of colour inspired a playful, eclectic palette of finishes, reflecting the colour artistry of MECCA’s retail stores. Bursts of vibrant orange, yellow, red, pink, and plum are tempered by subdued neutrals. Walnut timber veneer, natural leather, earthy laminate and natural cork wall lining fosters a warm, domestic feel, set against the warehouse’s robust, painted brick walls, honed concrete floors and original terrazzo entry stair.

MECCA Support Centre 2 & 3 showcases the fusion of brand identity and culture. Spatial diversity fosters collaboration, networking, and a compelling ‘front door’ experience. Despite its 4500m2 size, the design maintains intimacy through colour, materiality, and thoughtful layout, echoing MECCA’s in-store energy. This transformative space stands as a testament to Studio Tate’s dedication to creating vibrant, purposeful workplaces, embodying MECCA’s 25-year journey.


Photography by Sharyn Cairns