Workshop Brothers Southbank

Imaginative and uniquely vibrant, Workshop Brothers Riverside Quay’s marigold interior sets the mood for relaxed optimism.

Lively, playful and dynamic, the space is born from a narrative inspired by the great brassieres of New York City.  Strategically placed orb sconces cast shadow play on curved timber mouldings and an arched threshold detail, accentuating the luxuriously 8-meter-high ceilings. Warm timber dowel cladding to the exterior of the bar softens deeply textured granite benchtops.

Tan leather seats and suede bench tops create a luxurious depth of tactility, and when paired with a checkerboard floor wonderfully offset the vibrant palette.

With a nuanced realisation of Workshop Brothers’ brand philosophy, Studio Tate has delivered a resolved visual identity that encourages intrigue and imagination.

Photography by Felix Forest