Relinque Wellness

Celebrating the natural verdant landscape of its locale, Studio Tate
created a collection of immersive spaces with circular architectural form at
Relinque, to support an intuitive client journey, offering an ‘all gender’ day
spa experience, with an inherently natural feeling palette.
A functional floor plan underpins a day spa on one side ice and steam
contrast therapy, hydrotherapy, body and face treatment spaces and yoga
studio-offering holistic wellness. On the other side, a spinal clinic pilates
and osteopathy complete the circular client journey with a natural flow as
they move through the space. The functionality component was also key
to enabling staff to work efficiently and support the client experience.
A palette of greens, greys, burgundy and earth tones feature through
the collective space, reflecting a sense of textural ‘earthiness’ whilst also
being contemporary and sophisticated. A concrete floor in reception with
coloured aggregate is offset by a forest green marble desk, forest green
joinery and leather banquette seating, set against a backdrop of textured
paint with timber battens. Within the spa, the five individually contained
treatment rooms feature a colour datum in a deep rust tone and steam
showers tiled in a soft, sage green, with a granite shower bench.

Photographed by Lillie Thompson