Hunter Hotel

Due for Completion:

Studio Tate was engaged to design a 150-room Intercontinental Hotel in Melbourne that aimed to recreate the Holiday Inn brand experience in Australia.

Located in a new mixed-used development, Hunter Hotel redefines the 3.5-star hotel experience with an aesthetic that is playful and unexpected; more akin to a boutique hotel than affordable accommodation.

‘Memphis blues’ – referencing both the birthplace of Holiday Inn and the musical genre made famous by some of the city’s most celebrated musicians – forms a design narrative realised through both public and private spaces, inspiring a colour theme of rich greens, pinks, burgundies, and chrome.

With an emphasis on simple forms and quality detailing, subtle curves are found in custom mirrors and joinery, door handles, wall sconces, and corridor arches, whilst marble and terrazzo create a sense of nostalgic modernity.

An exercise in delivering maximum impact despite budgetary restraints, Hunter Hotel delights in colours and shapes, leading guests on a visual journey and elevating the Holiday Inn brand to new heights.

3D Visualisation by CUUB Studio