Holiday Inn Werribee


Holiday Inn Werribee by Studio Tate crafts an approachable and design-minded tone for the iconic accommodation brand – elevating and widening the hotel’s relevance to contemporary Australian and international audiences. Located in Wyndham City, the highest-growing municipality in Australia, the latest project from the Intercontinental Hotel Group responds to the suburb’s demand for a contemporary mid-range hotel.

Tasked with challenging the conventions of Holiday Inn’s existing design standards, Studio Tate sought to redefine the hotel experience as a vibrant social destination with design at its core.

Drawing on the principles of the Memphis Design Movement, the four storey,
150-room hotel is awash with vivid hues, eye-catching textures and striking geometries. While the design language varies between guest rooms, dining, bar and lounge areas, conference rooms and events spaces, each interior is linked through subtle green accents – a nod to Holiday Inn’s quintessential brand colour.

Photography by Peter Clarke