The Living Room by Youth Projects

Exploring the concept of an ‘urban reserve’ — a place of protection, belonging and comfort — The Living Room (powered by Youth Projects) breathes new life into a primary health and homelessness service in Melbourne’s CBD, offering free, confidential, and judgement-free healthcare and social support for people who are, or at risk of, experiencing homelessness.


The redesign focuses on the message ‘you are worthy,’ incorporating quality finishes to inspire positivity and healing. The new self-service model empowers visitors to take pride in the space. Expanded facilities include washer and dryer units, medical suites, triage rooms, and improved training spaces. A dedicated women’s lounge and wellness services enhance holistic care.

Supporting employees with a non-hierarchical culture, the design improves access, safety, and security, providing quiet retreats for staff. The soothing palette, featuring warm brick walls, timber accents, and vibrant details, contrasts with the urban setting, fostering hope and worthiness.

By pursuing The Living Room’s social impact and economic priorities with dedication, Studio Tate has helped set a new global standard for social and health not-for-profit service delivery and contemporary design practice — one that democratises access to good design, and echoes The Living Room’s ethos to approach care without judgement, with dignity, and with self-determination.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns