Having an eye for style

Style and fashion are two completely different things.

Style is about judgement: it’s about knowing what will become a timeless classic, when to keep things understated and when to go all out. Style is also about showcasing your personality through aesthetics, and that’s what Studio Tate’s projects do.

Design is a process of interpretation – we create visual interpretations
of our clients and their briefs – translating their own distinctive qualities into the spaces that they live, work and play in.


Making taking risks look easy

The design process is like any relationship, it requires trust and taking risks and the best ones challenge both people.

We understand that for some this can be a scary prospect, but at Studio Tate we have the right ingredients to calm people’s fears: a proven
track record in delivering projects, sound business structures, and a complementary team who can bring the best out of any brief. We work with our clients to make brave decisions when needed, no matter at what scale.

Design is not just about what gets built, it’s about the collaborative journey of countless small steps towards that end result.


Putting people first – for real

We know there would be no design without people!

Whether our clients or our staff, people are the most valuable asset in
our business. That’s part of the reason why we have adopted a unique structure at Studio Tate with design and business directors, to help create a practice that people want to work with, and also work at. We take pride in collaborating with people we respect and admire.

We believe in nurturing young talent and addressing ‘design studio taboos’ like succession planning and profitability head on. We see being frank, calm and open as the way to create the types of relationships we want – where sometimes work doesn’t feel so far away from play.


Looking at the big picture, right down to the smallest detail

We are strong advocates of the power of interior architecture. Our approach is far from superficial: we look at the spatial, structural and functional elements of all of our projects, as well as the wider context.

We see interiors as an extension, rather than separate to, exteriors, and integrating (and sometimes influencing!) what is outside informs our design process.

But details are also crucial – they provide those little moments of discovery and excitement in any space – and this is something we love bringing to life in our projects. Our design team has the right mix of skills to work from the big picture to the fine grain.